Nowadays, most word processors offer some DTP tools, but definitely not enough to create a truly professional-looking final product. Someone who is an expert in DTP could probably use a software program that wasn’t necessarily the best and still create a good final product, but part of their job is to know how to use the best software out there to give you the best final product possible. This also means they know when to use which program, because one program may be better for restaurant menus because it has more layout tools, while another may be better for working with different writing systems.
Desk Top Publishing and Localization
When it comes to using DTP for a localization project, you really need to make sure the person or team who you choose to work with knows what it takes to localize. DTP isn’t exclusively used for localization, but when it is used for it, it can make or break a project. DTP experts who work on projects that need to be localized have to have a good knowledge of the target language and culture as well. Softwares used: MicroSoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pagemaker, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, HTML, XML, Dreamweaver Etc.
Also do all type of Data Conversions from/to PDF, MS Word, MS-EXCEL, TIFF, RTF, JPEG, TEX, TXT, HTML, EPS, PageMaker, InDesign, Chart, Graph, Frontpage, Dreamweaver  etc..

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